California Legislators Push Ammo Registration and “Purchaser Permit”

California Legislators Push Ammo Registration and “Purchaser Permit”

Remember when California was a free land? Yeah, me neither. But I’m told there was a time. Today, it’s run by tyrants and nutjobs. For example:


According to the NRA-ILA: “If passed and enacted into law, SB 53 would require the collection and reporting of personal consumer information and thumbprinting for all ammunition purchases throughout the state. It would also ban online and mail-order sales of all ammunition, including hunting and collectible ammunition.”

Additionally, SB 53 would require ammunition purchasers to “register with the Department of Justice” and: “obtain a costly ammunition purchaser permit that must be renewed every two years.”

I’m sure this will fix everything.

After all, can’t you see the gangs across California: waiting in line for an ammo permit?

Of course they will, after all, it’s the law.

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