“CALL 911″ Mom’s Shocking Note After Evil Dwarf Boyfriend Kidnaps Her & Baby

“CALL 911″ Mom’s Shocking Note After Evil Dwarf Boyfriend Kidnaps Her & Baby

A registered sex offender and convicted criminal who happens to look just like an evil dwarf is back behind bars after his girlfriend – terrified for her safety and for her baby – slipped a convenience store clerk a note on Saturday afternoon begging him for help.

mark valuckas evil dwarf

Mark Valuckas, 36, of Tacoma, Washington, has an extensive criminal record which includes sexual assault, kidnapping, and weapons and drugs charges. His girlfriend, who hasn’t been named, told police that Valuckas had a history of being abusive to her and had even threatened to hurt her child. She claims that Valuckas – who is 4 feet, 3 inches tall – hit her on the side of her head with a baseball bat during an argument on Saturday then held a pocket knife to her throat and threatened to kill her.

Valuckas then allegedly told her to take a ride with him so he could calm down, reports The News Tribune. The woman was so frightened for her safety that when he told her to go inside and pay at an ARCO gas station in Tacoma, Washington, she saw her chance to get help.

Bruce Dean, who was working at the store, told KIRO that he was approached by the frightened woman who begged him for a pen and paper and then handed him a note. The note read, ‘Can you call 911,’ then she listed her license plate number. The next line said ‘DV’ for domestic violence, and finally: ‘Baby in car.’

As the woman headed back to the car, Dean called 911 and gave them the license plate number. Shortly afterwards a Pierce County sheriff’s deputy caught up with the vehicle and found that Valuckas had a baseball bat and a knife with him. According to court records, the woman also told police that Valuckas had allegedly stabbed her left hand, burned her with a cigarette and repeatedly punched her, during an incident last Thursday. Superior Court Judge Phil Sorensen ordered Valuckas jailed in lieu of $500,000 bail. The baby was unharmed in the incident.

Mr Valucka even has a cool website HERE. The fact that this poor woman was actually living with this guy (a known dwarf sex offender) as his girlfriend brings up many questions. I’m sure you have questions too…

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