Can House Speaker Boehner Lead?

While most Americans were relaxing after work last night, all of us political junkies were on twitter, and had our eyes glued to the news. It was pretty interesting to read the real time tweets from the Capitol reporters on the debt ceiling bill presented by Speaker Boehner. The House was supposed to vote on the Boehner plan last night, but those pesky Tea Party freshman were not going along with a bill that really didn’t address our problems. Conservative organizations like FreedomWorks and Americans For Prosperity also came out against it.

There is NO doubt that it will not be “business as usual” from now in Congress. The Tea Party has made sure of that. Now, don’t get me wrong. I want the Boehner bill to pass, not because it’s perfect, it is far from that, but because it did require a vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment in the future. This is the only answer to government spending. The only way those guys/gals in D.C. are going to stop overspending, is if they are forced to. Period. But the Tea Party members didn’t want some promise of a Balanced Budget Amendment vote, they wanted an actual Balanced Budget Amendment IN this bill.

Boehner couldn’t get all his Tea Party freshmen in line, so he put off the vote until today. They tweaked the bill last night. It is being tweeted today that they added a Balanced Budget Amendment (not sure the specifics though). Now, Senate Majority Leader Reid, in the Senate, has said he was going to vote this bill down no matter what. Which just shows that no matter what Republicans do, the Democrats will vote it down. We pass Cap, Cut, and Balance, and the Democrats vote it down. If the Boehner plan passes, then the GOP will have passed two plans, the Democrats have passed nothing. So, if everything goes to heck in a hand basket on Aug. 3rd, the fault will be on the Democrats and Pres. Obama. This could have ended a while ago when Boehner and Obama had agreed, but then Obama moved the goal posts, and asked for more spending. This is where we are now.

Do I believe horrors will happen on August 3rd? No. I think that things are going to get worse no matter what we do. But if there is a smidgen of a chance that this will help things, then I am for it.

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Stick with me here, I’ll keep you updated on what’s going on. We will see if Boehner can lead, and get this thing done. My feeling is if they pass this, the Reid may have to consider passing it because time is running out. But I never underestimate the partisanship of Reid. He may risk our default just to make sure a GOP bill doesn’t pass.

Update: Laughable the President said today, “What’s clear now is that any solution to avoid default must be bipartisan.” Really? Gee, Mr. President, it would have been nice if you had felt that way on the Health Care Bill.

UPdate2: Here is the admendment.

Update3: Here is the entire bill.

Update4: This is the best article you will read on this whole thing. I really insist that you read it. Go.

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