Can We All Agree That The GOP Has A Security First Position On Illegal Immigration Now?

Back on October 3rd, I wrote the following in a post about illegal immigration,

Being tough on illegal immigration has become every bit as much of a core value for Republicans as being pro-life and anti-gun control.

That doesn’t mean every Republican has to have a security first position on illegal immigration to politically survive, just as every Republican doesn’t have to be pro-life to make it, but being pro-comprehensive illegal immigration is politically dangerous for Republicans now.

In other words, for most Republicans, supporting amnesty means potential primary challenges, plunging poll numbers, and attacks from members of the new media who should be their biggest supporters.

Now, here’s John McCain, the leader of the amnesty and open borders contingent in the Republican Party, after being confronted about illegal immigration by a voter yesterday,

For months, McCain has been telling New Hampshire audiences that he still believes in the immigration plan that failed in Congress earlier this year but that he now realizes that none of its components _ including allowing millions of illegal immigrants to eventually earn legal status _ can be enacted until the borders are secured first.

…Finally, McCain repeated his promise _ “I think for the 15th time” _ that he would secure the borders to stop illegal immigration before attempting anything else.

Do I believe him? In a word: no.

But, the fact that the point man for comprehensive illegal immigration reform in the Senate feels compelled to take a security first position on illegal immigration is significant because it means that people can like it, not like it, think it’s good, think it’s bad, but no matter how you slice it, there is now a consensus position on illegal immigration in the Republican Party and it’s a security first position.

It’s too bad that George Bush and so many Senate Republicans had to engage in two very pointless, bloody brawls with their political brethren to finally recognize the wisdom of political compromise that some of us have been suggesting for years.

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