The Democratic Underground Poll Of The Day: Bush & Blackwater

This poll over at the Democratic Underground is an eye catcher,

Poll question: Would Bush order Blackwater mercs to kill Americans to save his *ss from war crimes charges?

You got to love this poll. It’s a mixture of insane paranoia, Bush Dementia Syndrome, and an attack on the newest whipping boy on the left: Blackwater.

The people who work for Blackwater? Many of them are former soldiers who like working for Blackwater because they get better pay and don’t have to deal with as much silly bureaucracy. Moreover, what they’re doing in Iraq is admirable. They’re killing bad guys, taking some of the pressure off of our troops, and helping America and the Iraqi government to move towards victory.

So, why do libs despise people who work for Blackwater? Well, the truth is that they don’t look at them much differently than our troops, but it’s very politically unpopular to attack the military. So, liberals can vent the spleen they feel towards our troops on the former soldiers who work at Blackwater, and not pay a political price for it. That explains much, but not all, of the criticism that you hear of Blackwater: they’re a stand-in “hate object” for the military that liberals can get away with attacking.

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