Captured: Two men that Carjack and Rob a Pregnant Woman in LABOR at Gunpoint

Captured: Two men that Carjack and Rob a Pregnant Woman in LABOR at Gunpoint

If this was a story about 2 white guys robbing a pregnant woman in labor, Barack Obama would already have had a press conference about it. As it is, I noticed that national media has already started to scrub facts saying there were 2 assailants instead of 3 and it was a robbing instead of a carjacking. I had to go to the local: news in MD: to find the truth.: These men robbing an unarmed woman while in labor is a new low in crime.


A pregnant woman in labor and her boyfriend were carjacked at gunpoint as they were leaving for the hospital early Sunday morning, Annapolis police said. Around 4:30 a.m., a 911 caller alerted police that two people were being held up in 1800 block of Copeland St. When officers arrived, the suspects fled, stealing the couple’s car, police said.

A chase ensued but the suspects abandoned the vehicle near the unit block of Tyler Court and were apprehended by officers on foot, police said. Police charged Devery Kelley, 24, of Glen Burnie and Cornell Robinson, 44, of Washington, D.C. with armed robbery, first degree assault and various weapon violations. Kelly and Robinson did not have attorneys listed in electronic court records.

The 24-year-old woman told police she and her boyfriend were about to leave for the hospital early Sunday when three men armed with two shotguns and a handgun approached them as they were getting into their car. : The armed men confronted the woman’s boyfriend but he fled and called for help. One of the men then told the woman who was standing outside the car: “Open the door. Go get the money. Do you want to die? Do you think we playing?,” according the police report. The woman told police said the men kept asking: “Where’s the key?”

The woman told the men she only had a car key and handed it over, police said. Officers arrived and the suspects fled in the victim’s car, police said. The third man – who has not been identified – left in another car, the woman told police. The woman was transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center. Police did not provide additional information about her condition.

Going into labor is scary enough, I could not imagine what it would be like: to be carjacked at gunpoint while your boyfriend runs away while in labor. People who wonder what’s wrong with America should use this to answer the question. Men no longer behave like men. I’m sure deep in the criminal code there are some kind of rules. Robbing a pregnant woman, no a pregnant woman going into labor should be totally hands off. Of course the honor code of being a boyfriend use to be where the man defends his woman to the hilt, he IS the help– he doesn’t run away for help.

NOTE TO WOMEN: Defend yourself and get a gun.: A REAL man is a rare thing and most likely you won’t find one by your side… but you can always find a sidearm if you: choose to.


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