CEO Who Escaped Vietnam Warns That America is Going Communist

CEO Who Escaped Vietnam Warns That America is Going Communist

My son and I L-O-V-E Sriracha sauce, that yummy thick red spicy stuff you put on your Vietnamese Pho or if you’re lucky like us you put it on everything: at your dinner table: with 2 bottles in the fridge. We have both been: anxious and irritated: watching the nearly 25 year, Huy Fong factory get beat up by local government in California and almost chased out because of the ‘smell’. The Owner David Tran has compared his experience in CA with communism in Vietnam.

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He has experienced communism. Possibly he is confusing the U.S. with California.

Via Red Alert Politics

The CEO of Huy Fong Foods – the company that makes the famed Sriracha sauce – sees a lot of similarities between the United States government and communist Vietnam.

David Tran escaped from the country in southeast Asia about 35 years ago, he told National Public Radio. Tran wanted to be free from the communist government’s intrusions, NPR reported, but he apparently sees the U.S. government as almost as bad.

“Today, I feel almost the same,” Tran told NPR. “Even now, we live in [the] USA, and my feeling – the government, not a big difference.”

The businessman’s view of the U.S. might be a bit tainted by his company’s circumstances, however. Tran is currently embroiled in a battle with Irwindale, Calif., the town where his sole manufacturing facility is located. Residents of Irwindale have complained that the sauce’s distinct smell has caused ailments such as nosebleeds and heartburn. The city sued the sauce company in October 2013 and a judge ruled that part of the factory needed to be shut down so procedures could be implemented in order to mitigate the smell.

Despite the rough relationship between Irwindale and Huy Fong Foods – as well as countless other towns and states that have courted the sauce maker – neither party wants to part ways.

City attorney Fred Galante told NPR that Irwindale would continue to try to resolve the problem “informally.” And on Monday, Tran made a decision: he and his factory would stay put.

The caveat? Tran might open a second factory – outside of Southern California.

Long live Sriracha.

Mr. Tran is just like any other American afraid of losing the American dream to government tyrants. Government will find any way to siphon money out of business, it’s sad really. Mr. Tran has decided to stay in CA as the city has realized how many people Tran employs and how closing would affect the local economy.

If you haven’t tried it yet… try this stuff. You will replace ALL of your hotsauce with sriracha and remember with every knockout bite that you are tasting freedom and that even in California it still prevails.


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