Charles Johnson’s Downfall

I gotta tell ya: These Downfall spoofs are still pretty good despite dozens of iterations. I laughed — LAUGHED!! — at “My lips are still sore from kissing his butt,” with the mental visuals of King Charles brown-nosing Markos Moultisas a bit much!

Anyway, from Pamela, “Sunday NY Times Magazine Profiles the Notorious ex Biggie S.M.A.L.L. Little Green Balls“:

Chuckie is getting mainstream coverage when his influence and his traffic are guttersnipe low. But when Johnson was masquerading as a rational and decent voice with a circulation of 120,000 unique visitors a day, no one in big media ever paid him any mind. But since he has turned coat and transformed himself into a website of hate and smears, the left comes knocking like a sailor who just got paid.

Ain’t it the truth!

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I haven’t actually read the Times’ piece, but apparently it’s not nearly as fawning as the LA Times’ disappointing essay a couple of weeks ago. Look for an update sometime tomorrow, after I’ve had a chance to read through things …

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