The Celebrity Who Makes Tigers Woods Seem Like a Paragon of Moral Virtue

Yes, we’re talking about Charlie Sheen, who got arrested on Christmas morning in Aspen after: police say he got: into a fight with his wife, who reportedly blew a .13 on her Breathalyzer test. Heck of a way for the mother of infant twins to celebrate the holidays, huh? But remember: that: this is: a woman who had the questionable judgment to marry Charlie Sheen:

Here’s a guy with all the advantages — rich, good-looking, famous name — who is a complete failure in his personal life. He got dumped by Denise Richards because of his porn habit. The conventions of journalism require me to say alleged porn habit, but let’s be honest here.
We’re talking about Charlie Sheen, who by his own sworn testimony spent much of his 20s banging Heidi Fleiss’s Hollywood hookers . . .

The really scary news? Charlie Sheen is now out of jail.

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