Child Services Ignored Chronic Abuser Mom Who Later Stabbed 8-Yr Old Daughter to Death

Child Services Ignored Chronic Abuser Mom Who Later Stabbed 8-Yr Old Daughter to Death

This beautiful girl, Tameria Green, was on the radar of Department of Human Services in Michigan but they chose not to protect her. She was murdered by her own mother despite the warning signs.

tameria green murdered

The system failed Tameria Greene, Wayne County Judge Margaret Van Houten said as she sentenced Semeria Greene under a plea deal between prosecutors and defense lawyers. Greene, 27, apologized for killing her daughter, telling the judge in a soft voice that her death was an accident. Assistant Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb, however, said Greene had choices and made the wrong one.

‘This is just further evidence of Ms. Greene’s manipulation. … Tameria was 8 years old. She was a chronically abused child,’ Goldfarb said.

The Michigan Department of Human Services tried to immediately remove Tameria and four siblings from the home in November 2012. But Family Court Referee Richard Smart declined, suggesting instead that their mother should move out in the short term or place the children elsewhere. The detailed petition presented to Smart said Tameria had been bitten by her mother on her hand, forearm and face. The agency said there were multiple marks and bruises elsewhere. The state didn’t appeal Smart’s decision, and more court hearings were planned. Tameria was killed five weeks later.

Greene pleaded guilty in March to second-degree murder. She’ll be eligible for parole after 23 years in prison; her maximum stay is 50 years.

Department of Human Services fails so miserably so often I wonder why they’re still in business. Oh yeah… just like the USPS and the DMV they are run by the government which means 2 things; they will fail more often than not and can’t be fired for failure.

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