Chinese woman has EIGHT FOOT long tapeworm removed from her intestines after eating rare beef while on holiday’

Chinese woman has EIGHT FOOT long tapeworm removed from her intestines after eating rare beef while on holiday’

One of the creepiest beauty tricks ever – women in Edwardian England would swallow pills containing sanitized tapeworm larvae to stay thin. The tapeworms would eat most of the food and nutrients the women ate before having to removed in a very unpleasant way. But sometimes tapeworms can appear in your body without you knowing. A Chinese woman was horrified to be told she had an 8ft tapeworm living inside her.


The woman, known only as Mrs Li, is thought to have picked up the worm from eating undercooked meat while travelling in South East Asia earlier this year. She has now had the worm removed but says the thought of it still makes her feel ill. She told Chinese media: ‘It’s disgusting and almost makes me faint.’

Mrs Li, who is in her 30s and lives in Xiamen, in China’s Fujian Province, visited a doctor after she started to feel unwell and noticed unusual fluids in her stools. She was diagnosed with teniasis — an infection cause by a tapeworm, The Mirror reports. She believes she picked up the worm by eating rare beef while on holiday in January.
Doctors treated her with traditional Chinese medicines and she was able to pass the tapeworm in May. She is now recovering well. A tapeworm is a parasite that can live in a person’s bowel. They tend to be flat, segmented and ribbon-like.

Humans can catch them by touching contaminated stools and then touching their mouths, by swallowing food or water that contains traces of contaminated faeces or by eating undercooked, contaminated port, beef or fish.
Symptoms of a tapeworm infection include stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhoea as well as weight loss and malnutrition. However, some patients have no symptoms and are unaware of their infection until they see segments of the worm in their stools. Beef tapeworms can be easily treated with tablets. However, infection with other tapeworms can lead to serious complications. This is because their larvae can settle in other parts of the body.

Sooooooo I’m not sure if this story will get me to have my beef cooked all the way especially since I learned that beef tapeworms can be taken care of with a pill after they cause major weight loss. Pass the beef!!!

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