Christmas Eve Response to #MooreandMe Organizer Sady Doyle

Blogging was light today. Mostly I had scheduled a photo-blog of some storm and rainbow photos from the O.C. And I doubt Christmas Eve is really the best time for high-octane “offend-a-feminist” blogging. But as I’ve been doing whack-a-mole with some of these angry Assange-haters all week, I thought I’d respond to Sady Doyle’s extremely profane ramblings on the unfortunate success of the #MooreandMe campaign in getting Washington City Paper writer Moe Tkacik fired.

See, “Sady Doyle Bleats Non-Apologies After Getting Moe Tkacik Fired for Speaking Truth to Feminist Hypocrisy.”

Sady Doyle’s Tumblr blog is here and she’s on Twitter here.

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