Christmas Vacation Part 2: Enjoy The Humor

I’m going out of town tomorrow morning for my Christmas vacation and I won’t be back until Sunday. So you’ll have a little something to read while I’m gone, here are a few articles to keep you entertained until I get back…

The Best Quotes From South Park
A Day In The Life Of A Puppy
ICQ Prank: The Persistent Spammer
… ‘Joke’ Calls From White House Putting Strain On Relations Between US And UN
Mad Osama’s Afghani Real Estate Directory!
Non-American Countries Gather for Quadrennial World Cup Wimpfest
The Peacenik’s Guide To Arresting Terrorists in Afghanistan
Proof That Bin Laden Was Framed!
The RWN Guide To Anti-Americanism
The RWN Real-Estate Sale
The Southerners Guide to Snow
The Terrorist Quiz
The Top 10 Worst Things You Can Say on a First Date
The Translation Guide For Tech Support
Top 10 Things Heard At The UN Commission On Human Rights Since Gadaffi Took Over

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