Clearly, these reporters don’t understand how ObamaCare works.

And not just ObamaCare, but government programs in general. See, the problem is: people have trouble accessing health care. Thus, we need government programs. Those government programs will grant the access that the free market failed to grant.

That’s how it works. Government provides.

And yet, we get stories like:

Emergency rooms, the only choice for patients who can’t find care elsewhere, may grow even more crowded with longer wait times under the nation’s new health law.

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That might come as a surprise to those who thought getting 32 million more people covered by health insurance would ease ER crowding. It would seem these patients would be able to get routine health care by visiting a doctor’s office, as most of the insured do.

Well, we’ll just need more doctors, then. Surely, now that the government is providing, more students will choose medicine as a career. More doctors will appear; the increase in demand will produce an increase in supply.


The number of doctors refusing new Medicare patients because of low government payment rates is setting a new high, just six months before millions of Baby Boomers begin enrolling in the government health care program.

Well, Medicare isn’t ObamaCare. Surely, such problems have been countered. Taken care of. Anticipated, and dealt with. It is, after all, universal.


The Obama administration has not ruled out turning sick people away from an insurance program created by the new healthcare law to provide coverage for the uninsured.

But…but…that can’t be right. When the government provides, people get what they need. Always. Universally. Without question. That’s why we enacted ObamaCare: to take the power away from the free market, where people don’t always get what they need. We were promised.

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