Climate Change Summit Update

For those of you interested or keeping up, Copenhagen’s Climate Change Summit has been a disaster. India and China had had enough. Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh and China premier Wen Jiabao walked out of the summit along with their respective delegations as talks failed. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev left the deadlocked UN climate summit today because of another scheduled event. Obama’s badly given speech didn’t impress anyone (click the link to see how pathetic Obama is without a teleprompter).

A multilateral meeting between President Obama, Premier Wen, Prime Minister Singh, and President Zuma secured “a meaningful agreement”. It’s said to not be “sufficient to combat the threat of climate change but its an important first step.” It’s a “legally non-binding” agreement to do all sorts of climate change stuff, but pretty much means no one HAS to do anything.

All in all, a very good day for those of us who find the global warming alarmists silly at best, and dangerous at worst.

And once again Mother Nature laughs and laughs as over a foot of snow is expected to greet Obama as he flies from this global warming crisis back to Washington D.C.

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