CNN Source Claims Officer Wilson Does Not Have Broken Eye Socket

There are three interesting things in this

(The Blaze) CNN on Thursday, citing an anonymous source close to the investigation, reported that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson did not suffer a fractured eye socket prior to fatally shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown earlier this month. The report directly contradicts a recent Fox News story, which also cites an anonymous source “close to the [police] department’s top brass.”

CNN anchor Don Lemon reported on Thursday that Wilson did go to the hospital with swelling around his face and eyes, but an X-ray came back negative for a fracture to his orbital bone.

“That source says it is not true, at all, he did not have a torn eye socket,” Lemon said. “Unequivocally.”

Not quite sure what a “torn eye socket” is

Responding to Lemon’s reporting, Nancy Grace said her sources have been telling her from the “get-go” that there was a scuffle between Wilson and Brown.

“I really don’t know if we’re going to know what any of this is, or the truth of it, until it comes out in court,” she added.

So, let’s see: first, Officer Wilson might not have broken eye socket, but he apparently had been hit in the face. Which would still give credence that the “gentle giant” assaulted an officer of the law. Second, CNN has apparently known that there was some sort of violence perpetrated against Officer Wilson. Why were they waiting so long to let us know about this? Did they not think it relevant to let the people know that Michael Brown wasn’t quite the gentle giant they and others portrayed him as?

Third, Grace makes a great point: what for the info to come out in court. Which would, I assume, be from the Grand Jury. Unless she’s calling for Officer Wilson to be prosecuted?

Smitty pulls an interesting comment from Instapundit

Larry2 at Instapundit
There seems to be a pattern:

  1. unarmed young black guy is shot,
  2. there is a vast media outcry over the young “honor student’s” death,
  3. family provides photos of the dead guy taken when he was 11 years old, well before he had opted for the ghetto thug look,
  4. it comes out that the “honor student” has been committing felonies,
  5. witnesses say the honor student was beating the hell out of the person who shot him,
  6. Democrat politicians call for the shooter’s conviction, and
  7. prosecutors, fearing rioting, black voters, or what have you, prosecute the shooter anyway.

Have I missed anything?

Yes, he has missed something, namely, the part where Leftists use the issue as a political football, much as they’ve used other incidents. From the get go, most Conservatives have said “wait for the details to come out”. We weren’t taking the side of Brown or Wilson (the police going overboard in respect to the protests is a separate issue), but we did know that whenever the Left goes nuts on an issue like this, they are often proven wrong once the full information comes out. And, then, when the information does come out, the Left will ignore the issue, and stick with irrational, fact-free talking points, much like they did in the Zimmerman/Trayvon incident. They will use the incident to complain about some “wider problem in America”.

If there is a “wider problem in America”, it should be noted that these problems are the direct result of 50+ years of Liberal/Progressive/Democrat policies, particularly as they apply to urbanized areas and Blacks.

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