Coburn: 1,000 Vets Died Because of VA “Malfeasance”

According to the report, the VA had:

  • excruciatingly long wait times
  • doctor shortages
  • excessive and undeserved bonuses for staffers and medical personnel
  • head-spinning corruption and malfeasance

Coming soon to hospitals everywhere, courtesy of Obamacare:


: The worst, of course, is the sheer number of veterans who’ve died from neglect, sub-standard care, and bureaucratic incompetence in the VA system over the past 10 years, as Coburn: explains in his introduction:

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: The reason veterans care has suffered for so long is Congress has failed to hold the VA accountable. Despite years of warnings from government investigators about efforts to cook the books, it took the unnecessary deaths of veterans denied care from Atlanta to Phoenix to prompt Congress to finally take action. On June 11, 2014, the Senate recently approved a bipartisan bill to allow veterans who cannot receive a timely doctor’s appointment to go to another doctor outside of the VA.1046But the problems at the VA are far deeper than just scheduling. After all, just getting to see a doctor does not guarantee appropriate treatment. Veterans in Boston receive top-notch care, while those treated in Phoenix suffer from subpar treatment.: Over the past decade, more than 1,000 veterans may have died: as a result of VA malfeasance, and the VA has paid out nearly $1 billion to veterans and their families for its medical malpractice.

The waiting list cover-ups and uneven care are reflective of a much larger culture within the VA, where administrators manipulate both data and employees to give an appearance that all is well.

Good employees inside the VA who try to bring attention to problems or errors are punished, bullied, put on “bad boy” lists, and transferred to other locations. These whistleblowers, who come forward to expose the problems, demonstrate many employees within the VA are dedicated to serving veterans and willing to put their livelihood at risk to ensure our nation’s heroes are getting the care they were promised. Without their courage, more veterans may have died unnecessarily and Washington would have continued to ignore the systemic problems within the VA.


These veterans were asked to give it all. : They didn’t hesitate.

And this is what they get?

This is criminal and needs to be treat as such.

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