CodePink: Oops, They Did It Again.

CodePink sent out a particularly disturbing email today regarding their presence and interruptions at the GOP Convention this week.

First, the title of their email was “Opps, we did it again,” as though their disrespectfulness is something cute, right out of a Britney Spears video.

Then, the anti-war group infamous for their ridiculous interruptions appeal to their mailing list for sympathy, saying:

Both CODEPINK teams were shocked by the magnitude of sheer, raw, hatred channeled in their direction. Even before they stood up to say “Palin is Not a Woman’s Choice”, they felt great animosity emanating from the hall; they felt it in the delegates’ chanting of “Drill, Baby Drill” from the floor, and in the vicious rhetoric of the speeches on stage. And of course all of us in St. Paul felt the threat of brutality on the streets as we faced row upon row of police in full riot gear and watched police raid non-violent peace gatherings. Four CODEPINKers were arrested at the RNC, as were hundreds of other protestors, many of whom are still in custody (or whose belongings have not been returned upon release.)

Aww. Poor girls. They elected to travel to the convention. They elected to cause a disturbance. They elected to surround themselves with “sheer, raw hatred” and “great animosity.”

For a group founded to resist war, CodePink doesn’t seem to understand war. How else can you explain them asserting that they “felt the threat of brutality on the streets?” If these women want to know real brutality, perhaps they should ask an Iraqi about their daily life under Sadaam Hussein. Or ask an immigrant family from Iran, whom I tutored in English this summer, why they fled what they call “an anti-Christian regime.” These women seem to think that Republicans like war, but, as John McCain made very clear last night, that is simply not the case.

If all of the above has not yet offended you, this probably will: CodePink’s latest stunt is to repurpose the term pro-life to suit their own definition. You have to read this to believe it:

The Republican Party may tout itself as “Pro-Life”, but it clearly promotes violence against both people and nature. How can you call yourself Pro-Life when you destroy our natural resources and send our children off to die in an unjust, illegal war? How can you speak about being Pro-Life when a US-led air strike killed dozens of innocent children in Afghanistan this week?

Our Pro-Life parade in St. Paul was a beautiful demonstration of how we can only truly call ourselves pro-life when we work to protect our planet, promote peace, and make sure everyone has access to good health care, education, and other basic human needs (including reproductive choice!)

All over the RNC, we worked to reclaim the phrase “pro-life” and bring our message of peace–Medea Benjamin even disrupted a Phyllis Schlafly “Life of the Party” talk with a sign reading “Be Pro-Life–Stop War!”

What CodePink misses in their newest strategy is the fact that the real pro-life movement, above all else, is rooted in a profound respect for life. Everything about their group is disrespectful at its core. Disrupting, interrupting, and disrespecting are fundamental components of their mission and behavior.

At the end of the day, these women are not seeking peace; they are seeking disruption and disturbance, both of which they often achieve. There’s not much any of us can do to stand in the way of that. What we can prevent, however, is the attempt by CodePink to steal the term “pro-life.” Sarah Palin is pro-life. John McCain is pro-life. George W. Bush is pro-life. These women are not.

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