Moonbat Extremist Babs Boxer: Saracuda Is Way Outside the Mainstream

This is rich. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has denounced Sarah Palin as “way outside” the mainstream because Saracuda believes in the sanctity of human life and is skeptical of the global warming hoax.

In contrast, Boxer’s supposedly more mainstream views include support for the ghastly form of execution known as partial birth abortion; coercive taxpayer funding of abortion; homosexual “marriage”; superior legal status for blacks, homosexuals, and transvestites; granting Social Security benefits to illegal aliens; amnesty for illegal aliens, including those who have committed felonies; providing federal funds to sanctuary cities that openly flout US immigration laws; imposing costly burdens on power companies; constitutional rights for foreign terrorists; and lawsuits blaming gun manufacturers for shootings, an attempt to use trial lawyers to preempt the Second Amendment.

She has opposed tax cuts; welfare reform; school choice; a border fence; drilling in the ANWR wasteland; allowing storage of nuclear waste; Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, and Samuel Alito; Condoleezza Rice’s appointment as Secretary of State; and John Bolton’s appointment as UN ambassador.

Boxer is so moderate, she even tried to stall Bush 43’s reelection in 2004, being unwilling to abide by the will of the voters. Her bid to disenfranchise the state of Ohio delayed the certification of the Electoral College’s votes by four hours. Later she pursued the idea of impeaching Bush for monitoring al Qaeda’s international telephone calls.

A world where Sarah Palin’s views are extremist and Boxer’s are mainstream would need padded walls.

Ms. Mainstream denounces an extremist.

On a tip from Oiao. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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