Cold Fury…Indeed!: This post from

Cold Fury…Indeed!: This post from Cold Fury has so many great points in it I’m tempted to ask permission just to post the whole thing here but let me hit some of the high points…

“And for all the folks whining about “censorship” and “authoritarianism” every time a conservative or libertarian pokes around a little at the Swiss-cheese holes in your ideological consistency: deal with it. REAL authoritarians don’t just deride your ideas in public forums (and allow you to post retorts in the comments section, for god’s sake); they drag you from your home and shoot you in the street in front of your children, or toss you in a filthy cinder-block cell and hook up auto batteries to your testicles.”

“And while I’m on the subject, I’ve always been very vocally concerned myself about the ongoing loss of civil liberty in America, but for the life of me I can’t find one person out there who can honestly claim that his liberty has been impinged upon by John Ashcroft and/or George Bush. Well, unless that person was plotting terrorist attacks against us or renounced his citizenship and went off to fight with Al Qaeda, and no matter how hysterically you might declaim otherwise, that just ain’t the same thing at all”

“(S)creaming about civil liberties over your high-speed Internet connection from your comfortable middle-class home as if you were a half-starved Anne Frank cowering in the attic listening to the boots coming up the stairs is just plain silly. Not to say it couldn’t ever happen here, but the point is it isn’t happening now, or at least no more than it was under any previous Administration, and acting as if having to remove your shoes at the airport security checkpoint or having your views dissected on the Internet is the moral equivalent of the Kristallnacht isn’t helping your credibility any, because it isn’t anywhere close. It just isn’t.”

There’s actually another two or three paragraphs I’d like to post but I’m not going to for brevities sake. But, I would encourage you to head over to Cold Fury to check out the rest of this post.

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