Holy Can Of Canadian Whoop@ss

Holy Can Of Canadian Whoop@ss Batman!: Hell is now frozen over, pigs are flying, and the Democrats in the Senate started telling the truth today in recognition of two positive stories about Canada going up on RWN in the same day. Apparently the Canadians have been watching a few too many John Wayne movies because they weren’t content to merely waste terrorists in Afghanistan. Now they’re actually tearing down crackhouses with their bare hands….

“Exasperated neighbours had been trying to get authorities to do something about the garbage-strewn party house on their tiny, dead-end street for two months.

…Neighbours tried “hard, very hard, to get rid of this the proper way,” Mr. Boudreau said. They complained many times to Mr. Cowan and to the owner of the house, Brian Martin, who owns two other houses on the same block. They complained to the police and the City of Victoria but nothing changed. A few of the neighbours then reached the conclusion that it was up to them….

Then four of them decided to do it themselves, kicked in the door and announced to a startled tenant: “This is your moving day.”

By the time Victoria police arrived, water was pouring from ruptured plumbing, doors had been torn off their hinges and all but a couple of the windows in the two-storey house had been smashed. Holes were punched through inside walls and toilets ripped out.”

Who’d have thought Canadian street justice was possible? I know some people will probably think it’s horrible that I’m applauding this but I totally understand where these people are coming from. If you have a crackhouse in your neighborhood and the police and the landlord won’t do anything about it, then I don’t see anything morally wrong with wrecking that crackhouse. So once again let me say, “Canada, RWN salutes you.”

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