Competition In Education: Here are

Competition In Education: Here are some questions I want you to think about: If you wanted cheap groceries would you be better off living in an area with five grocery stores in a ten mile radius or an area with one grocery store in that area? If you needed to have your car repaired, would you rather be able to choose between five different body shops or would you rather have only one choice? If you want to listen to the radio, do you think you’d have a better chance of finding something you like in a town with twenty radio stations or a town with one radio station?

If you’re like most people you picked the option that gave you more choices every time right? That’s because consumers have learned that if you have more options to choose from, you’ll get a better deal. Furthermore, competition between multiple options tends to produce better service and a lower price. Americans dislike monopolies because we instinctively know that they mean poor service and higher prices.

Well since that’s the case, why are we allowing the public schools to have a monopoly on our tax dollars? Why not let parents take a voucher and choose whether they want to spend their money in a public or private school? We know with complete certainty from our previous experience in almost every other facet of life that competition improves the options for consumers so we can be certain that it’ll improve the quality of our kid’s education as well. As a society, we need to decide what’s more important; making the teacher’s unions happy or giving our kids a quality education? So far, we’ve been making the wrong decision.

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