Congressman Mike Pence’s 2006 CPAC Convention Address

*** Via Patterico’s Pontifications, I ran across a speech Mike Pence gave at CPAC. Pence is a real deal fiscal conservatives and if we had a Congress full of guys like him, we’d have a balanced budget today. Furthermore, this speech by Pence? It’s magnificent and it deserves to get out to a wider audience. So enjoy! ***

Two years ago, when I presented the keynote address here at CPAC 2004, I likened the state of the Republican movement to a tall ship at sea – a ship that had drifted off-course from essential conservative principles.

I said we had lost our way. But I believed we could get back on course – would get back on course. We could make the corrections. We needed only to keep our eye on True North – our core principles of limited government and traditional moral values.

I believed that we were off course not because we’d abandoned these principles, or forgotten the shining city on the hill. We’d simply made honest, but flawed calculations on how to get there.

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I no longer believe that.

It’s one thing to drift off course…

It’s quite another thing to continue that course when half the crew and passengers are pointing out that nothing looks familiar … not to mention the tens of millions of Americans lining the shoreline screaming, “You’re going the wrong way!”

Read it all here.

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