I Love The Infidel!

Drew Curtis over at Fark apparently decided to risk Fatwahs and Jihads galore by encouraging the Farkers to Photoshop sitcom situations for Mohammed.

Some of them were funny, some of them weren’t, but here’s my personal fave (My apologies in advance to moderate Muslims who I know will find this offensive, but it’s important to support freedom of speech):

Maybe the USA got in late on the whole cartoon controversy and most of the MSM was too wimpy to participate, but at least on the net the images are being regularly shown and judging by this pic, which is better than any of the originals, improved upon.

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*** Update #1 ***: From the comments section:

“The fact that John claims to support freedom of speech and yet apologizes to Muslims who might be offended, and his bashing of Ann Coulter, proves to me that John is being pretty hypocritical about all this stuff. Either you support freedom of speech, or you don’t.” — SupremeDirector_Neo

There is a reason I apologized in advance to moderate Muslims for posting that cartoon and it’s because they’re no more wrong to be offended by it than Christians are to be offended by the Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung or a crucifix dipped in urine.

That’s why, as a general rule, I wouldn’t post this cartoon or the Danish cartoons because I do not wish to gratuitously and unnecessarily offend people. If magazines like Rolling Stone, that put Kayne West on the cover as Jesus, had the same attitude, the world would be a better place.

That being said, the point of publishing this photoshop and the Danish cartoons seems to have been lost on some people, who see it as nothing more than a good opportunity to bash Muslims. This isn’t about offending Muslims.

The point of publishing these cartoons is to show the Islamo-Fascists that they cannot intimidate the press with threats and violence. It’s to make it clear that these thugs that are burning down embassies and promising to behead the infidels are not allowed to tell us what we can and cannot say.

Those who are unable to make that simple distinction, who can’t see the obvious difference between suicide bombers and, let’s say, the American Muslim who voted for Bush in 2004 or who stands up and condemns Islamic violence at every opportunity, are the sort of people who run around talking about “ragheads” and “camel jockeys” (which, if I may be so frank, makes you wonder what other little offensive nicknames for other groups they like to use in private).

Now, to tell the truth, I really doubt that Ann Coulter is the sort of person who thinks all Muslims are the enemy given that she used to date a Muslim. However, because she chose to be so deliberately & unnecessarily provocative, she comes across that way and furthermore, she encouraged people with that sort of foolish attitude.

Oh, and yeah, it is a very foolish attitude. Our troops are working shoulder to shoulder with Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq. In countries like Iran and Kuwait, the populations are very pro-American. There are swelling ranks of pro-American Muslim bloggers out there and more than a few Muslims who’ve even spoken out against violence and extremism during this cartoon flap, like Ayatollah Sistani to name one.

To lump all these people in together with the Islamo-Fascists like Bin Laden or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not just offensive, it shows a lack of critical thinking. I know some people don’t buy that. They think every Muslim is our enemy. Well hey, even if you believe that, the overwhelming majority of Muslims must not agree since they’re not contributing to terrorist groups or blowing themselves up on school buses. Heck, more than a few Muslims seem to be under the impression that they like the United States and would like to live in Democratic societies, just like we do. So how about not shoving all these people into an “enemies group,” when they don’t even see themselves that way?

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