Conservative Rising Star Marlin Stutzman to Replace Resigning GOP Rep. Souder?

The StarPress via the Associated Press: is reporting that a special election will be held within 60 days of GOP Rep. Mark Souder’s effective resignation date.:  GOP State Senator Stutzman would be the most logical, popular, and conservative choice to replace Souder as he lives in Souder’s district.:  Erick Erickson of RedState has always maintained his support for Stutzman through the primary in which he came in second place.

Gov. Mitch Daniels will select the date for the election, although it must be at least 60 days after Souder’s resignation becomes official on Friday. That means the earliest the election could be held in July 20.

The special election winner will complete the remainder of Souder’s current term that ends Jan. 3.

Under state law, caucuses of Republican and Democratic committeemen from the 3rd District will select candidates for the special election.

A Republican caucus will also pick a new candidate for the November election for the full two-year term. Former Fort Wayne City Councilman Tom Hayhurst won the Democratic primary for the party’s spot on the November ballot.

Yes, I find it disturbing that so many men that hold elected offices have trouble keeping their marriage vows (is it really that difficult, but I won’t digress), but Stutzman would be a tremendous asset in the US House and would continue to renew and restore conservative Republican principles alongside Rep. Mike Pence and others.

Something to watch, most assuredly.

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