Conservative Talk Radio recap: Jan 10-14

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Enjoy FREE audio, video and webcam highlights from what’s been a very big week in conservative talk radio, including:

  • “Rush Limbaugh Blamed For All World’s Problems” (video)
  • Mark Levin threatens to sue
  • Glenn Beck meets Bono
  • Stephen Baldwin apologizes to Sean Hannity

and much more!

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PLUS: highlights from Rush Limbaugh’s exceptional show this afternoon…

  • “I was going to name my first child Krauthammer, even if it was a girl. But no more.”
  • “One thing on the pep rally-disguised-as-a-memorial on Wednesday night. I happened to, as I have been told, anger a lot of people yesterday by saying that the president delayed the memorial while waiting for the polling data to come in and the T-shirts to get printed. Well, guess what? I was right on both counts.”

PLUS — a new interview with Limbaugh’s in-house satirist, Paul Shanklin:

ALSO: Affiliate station’s “bullet-hole billboard” for Rush Limbaugh’s show taken down Monday morning. (via DailyRushbo)

(PS: SEE what you miss when you don’t “TiVo” talk radio?)

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