Conservative talk radio weekly recap: Mar 1-5

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Sarah Palin and Michael Reagan will do guest appearances along Salem’s 12-city “America Unplugged” tour. The first stop on the barnstorming tour is March 10 in Ontario, California, featuring SRN’s Bill Bennett, Hugh Hewitt and Mike Gallagher.:  Dennis Prager and Michael Medved will show up at other dates, as the cast changes from city to city.

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Not to be outdone, Salem’s rival, Premier Radio Networks, is hosting the “Taking Our Country Back” tour, with Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and more.

Mark Steyn talked to Hugh Hewitt guest host Guy Benson about Obama’s faltering health care reforms:

This is one of the greatest failures of political leadership in the modern era. When he started out with this shtick a year ago now, something like 70% of the American people were in favor of so-called health care reform. After whatever it is, 450 speeches later, they are now opposed to it by 70%.

Larry Perrault offers a thoughtful appreciation of two of his favorites — Michael Medved and Dennis Prager — and explains why he’s less enamored of Rush Limbaugh as he used to be.

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