Conservatives Were Right To Demand That Ahmadinejad Be Kept Away From Ground Zero

Conservatives raised holy hell about the possibility that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was going to be allowed to go to Ground Zero. Ahmadinejad’s latest comments show that we were justified — and then some — to demand that he be kept away,

Ahmadinejad a year ago had been unable to visit the site where about 3,000 innocent Americans died when Islamic terrorists flew hijacked jets into the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

So during his recent visit to the United States to address the United Nations and accept a speaking invitation to Columbia University he asked for permission to visit the site of the terrorist attacks in 2001, but was denied permission.

Then Ahmadinejad, who has proclaimed the Holocaust a hoax in the past, was asked by the television interview: “You were supposed to visit the site of the Twin Towers, but this aroused controversy and many objections in their media. What do you think of this?”

“I decided to visit there this year to pay my respect to the casualties and convey my sympathy to the families,” Ahmadinejad said.

“I also wanted to raise several questions and express my views. I wanted to say that in my opinion, this incident is the result of the mismanagement of the world, and the result of the inhuman management of the world. Why did such an incident take place? We need to get to the root causes,” he said.

Iran’s president said, “We don’t want them to turn this incident, in 20 years’ time, into another false idol like the Holocaust, which they would use as a pretext to kill peoples, and to prevent anybody from opening this box and examining what really happened in this incident.

He continued, “They might turn 9/11 into something sacred, and whoever does not accept it would be considered an infidel, whereas whoever accepts it would have to accept all the ensuing crimes.

“In any event, we must express our views. I believe that this way, we would have formed cordial relations with the American people, and could have opened this issue up for discussion. Well, this is exactly what they want to prevent,” he said.

Can you imagine allowing an enemy of the United States, who is helping to murder our soldiers in Iraq, being allowed to stand on the ground where so many Americans perished in an act of terrorism and blame America for 9/11?

The fact that it was even considered is an outrage…

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