The Latest Hapless “Spokesman” For The Democrats And The SCHIP Expansion

“Perhaps the Democrats could find an orphaned child whose parents were brutally hacksawed to death to put forth their tax plan. If these Democrat human shields have a point worth making, how about allowing it to be made by someone we’re allowed to respond to?” — Ann Coulter

Granted, the kid wasn’t an orphan and the Dems had him talking about the SCHIP, not their tax plan, but as per usual, Coulter had the Democrats’ number,

A few weeks ago, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid lured two young children to the public spotlight to help him pass a massive expansion of government health insurance. Gemma and Graeme Frost, 9 and 12 years old respectively, were severely injured in a car accident three years ago. Their parents obtained government health care through the non-meansassets-tested Children’s Health Insurance Program in Maryland. President Bush’s veto doesn’t change that. And there’s the rub.

Because liberal lawmakers cannot honestly defend their expansion plans as bona fide aid to the needy, they have surrounded themselves with the Frosts and other kiddie human shields to deflect any tough scrutiny. As they push for an override of the president’s veto, scheduled for Oct. 18, the desperate Dems will shamelessly invoke the Absolute Moral Authority kiddie card to attack their critics for “attacking the children.”

Now, why would politicians grab two children, tell them exactly what to say, and send them out to be spokesmen for their party on a national issue? Of course, it’s so that they can ruthlessly exploit these children for the sake of politics.

The whole idea is to turn the conversation from the issue to the spokesmen. If you disagree, you hate children, crippled war vets, grieving war mothers, Michael J. Fox, or whatever other hapless victim they happen to send out as spokesmen.

In this case, Michelle Malkin did some basic research on the family of Gemma and Graeme Frost, the sort that no one would have batted an eye at if it had been done by a reporter at a liberal paper — and has been accused of stalking, harassment, and all other sorts of nonsense by the netroots crowd.

But, when you look at the Frost family, whom — let’s remember — the Democrats chose to make into poster children for the SCHIP expansion, you find that they’re perfect examples of why the program shouldn’t be expanded.

The Frost family has wealthy relatives, they live in a spacious 3,040 ft. home, and they have a “commercial property, valued at about $160,000 that provides rental income.”

This begs an obvious question: since the Frost family isn’t poor, why in the hell should our tax dollars go to pay for the insurance of the Frost family or people like them?

Why are we expanding government health coverage to buy insurance for people like the Frosts who live in 3000 ft. homes? Why do American tax dollars need to be spent to buy insurance for other people who make as much as $82,000 a year? It’s ridiculous!

PS: You want to know how to put an end to the Democrats using these pathetic figures to pitch their plans? The GOP needs to start doing the same thing. Send an orphaned nine year old girl in a wheelchair out to promote the Fair Tax and then accuse Democrats of hating children and the handicapped if they oppose switching over to a fair tax.

Then, we get a mother whose child died in a tragic accident to promote bombing Iran to stop their nuclear weapons program and accuse the Democrats of hating motherhood and children if they complain.

Of course, the liberals in the media, after being hit with the same tactics they’ve used so often, would start savaging these people and talking about what a ridiculous tactic it was to send out little girls in wheelchairs and mothers of cancer victims to promote political issues, and then the GOP could use their own words the next time the Dems trotted out one of these pathetic spokesmen.

Then that would be the end of that.

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