Corporations already do share wealth.

What a wonderful, wonderful headline:

Rich corporations “must share wealth” to avoid unrest

You wonder, just for a moment, what they mean by “avoid unrest.” Is that some kind of threat? Violence? Vitriol?

So soon after Tuscon?

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I kid, of course. Also: free speech. Even for Greek socialists.

Just remember, boys and girls: you want “rich corporations” to “share wealth?” They already are sharing wealth. And no, I’m not talking about charitable work, although corporations certainly do their share of that. No, I’m talking about making other people wealthier through job creation. Through growth in stock value. Through creating markets for business-to-business sales.

What if these rich corporations didn’t exist? Then neither would the jobs they create, directly or indirectly.

What if rich corporations swore off profits? Then investors — including pension funds — would stop buying their stocks.

What happens to something nobody wants to own?

Hey, greed exists. It exists in the corporate world, probably, to a much greater degree than in the population at large. Success breeds the desire for even more success. Nobody ever wants to stop where they are. Taking the next step is always the goal, whether we’re talking about school, or sports, or career, or relationships, or making money.

Corporations don’t exist to provide people with jobs or wealth. But in order to do what corporations do exist for — provide wealth for that corporation’s owners — they have to make others wealthier. They have to employ people. Purchase supplies. Pay taxes.

All those things are a means to an end. The means: providing jobs and wealth for others. The end: creating wealth for the owners.

It’s not a perfect system, it’s just better than any of the other ones. There will always be people who have much, much, much more than others. There will always be people who have nothing, or next to nothing. That’s not a good thing: it just is.

But at least this means to this end requires no force. We don’t have to force people to better their own situations — they’ll do that all on their own. And I doing that, they’ll indirectly better others as well.

The thing to do, then, is to let people.

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