Court Allows Abortion Over Father’s

Court Allows Abortion Over Father’s Protest: I’ve always thought this sort of thing was incredibly hypocritical…

“A judge gave a woman the go-ahead Monday to get an abortion after her ex-boyfriend won an extraordinary order that temporarily prevented her from terminating her pregnancy.

“…A woman’s right to have an abortion “is not subject to being vetoed by a woman’s husband or partner,” said Conahan, who is based in eastern Pennsylvania’s Luzerne County. “Neither an ex-boyfriend nor a fetus has standing to interfere with a woman’s choice to terminate her pregnancy.”

Now if you say something like “If she didn’t want to get pregnant, she shouldn’t have slept around” you’ll be told (and quite correctly I might add) that “It takes two. That woman didn’t get pregnant on her own, there was a man involved and he’s just as responsible!” I agree completely.

But then if the woman wants to slaughter the child in her womb, all of that “it took two”, and “both parents are responsible” stuff goes right out the window the man has no legal standing. They may have made that baby together, but dad has no more say as to whether his own child has it’s brains sucked out than any guy on the street corner. Fast forward to the child’s birth and legal miracle of miracles, daddy is held morally and financially responsible for that child until it’s 18 (which once again is proper).

Even if we set aside the injustice of letting women murder their children Andrea Yates style as long as they’re in the womb, how do we justify our legally inconsistent approach and say that the man has no say about the fate of the child in the womb, yet is responsible for providing for the baby after it’s born? If let’s say the father wants to have the child and the mother doesn’t, why shouldn’t she be legally required to have THEIR baby if the father is willing to take complete responsibility for it after it’s born? If the mother wants the baby and the father doesn’t, why should he not be able to sign away his legal claim on the baby along with his obligation to take care of their child?

Instead of being consistent about it, abortion advocates want to have their cake and eat it too. Even if our society is going to allow people to execute their own children in the womb, we should at least give both partners an equal say about what the fate of THEIR baby will be.

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