Mandatory Paid Laziness: When the

Mandatory Paid Laziness: When the first mandatory leave bill was passed, Conservatives warned people that this was going to happen,

“A new vision of the American workplace is emerging in state legislatures from Hawaii to Vermont. With a momentum that began to build two years ago, 23 states are considering dramatically expanding paid leave to ensure that most workers continue to get paychecks when they take time off for situations such as caring for a new child or an ill family member. One bill, in California, has gotten farther than any before.”

“To proponents, the trend is part of an acknowledgment of the country’s changing workforce: With women a crucial part of the labor pool, fewer people are at home to attend to newborns and the elderly. To detractors, measures like the one now being considered in California threaten to place onerous new demands on the nation’s employers – precisely when businesses are struggling to recover from recession.”

It’s bad enough that we handicap our nation’s businesses with our archaic tax structure, reams of red tape, and hordes of bloodsucking lawyers suing for everything under the sun, but now we’re going to demand that businesses pay people NOT TO WORK. This will lead to discrimination against women in the work force because not only will they be taking their 6 weeks off when they get pregnant, but you’ll have to pay them for that time and pay someone to replace them. Plus, who’s more likely to take time off for an “ill family member” or long periods for funerals (that’s mentioned later), a man or a woman? Exactly, women are, and paid leave laws will give businesses a huge incentive NOT TO HIRE women.

This doesn’t even begin to address the amount of abuse that will happen if you allow people to take what will amount to a long, paid, vacation (**wink, wink**) that they can’t be fired for. Worse yet, the amount of pay these workers are given will only increase over time and we will NEVER get rid of this type of program once it’s in place. Mark my words, if this sort of legislation is legalized you’ll see the amount of discrimination against women in the workplace increase and you may see a jump in the number of companies fleeing the US for more business friendly regions overseas. This is terrible public policy and our economy will be harmed significantly over time if “paid leave” laws catch on nationwide.

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