Courtesy Of The Smirking Chimp, What The Left Is Thinking About On 9/11

There’s just something about the Smirking Chimp that makes it stand out, even in the wild mix of radicalism, raw hatred, and conspiracy theories that are so typical on the left these days.

For example, today, on 9/11, here’s a little sample of some of the posts from the front page of this extremely popular liberal blog,

From “Six Years of 9/11 as a License to Kill” by Norman Solomon,

What happened on Sept. 11, 2001, was extraordinary and horrible by any measure. And certainly a crime against humanity. At the same time, it was a grisly addition to a history of human experience that has often included many thousands killed, en masse, by inhuman human choice. It is simply and complexly a factual matter that the U.S. government has participated in outright mass murders directly — in, for example, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Panama, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq — and less directly, through aid to armies terrorizing civilians in Nicaragua, Angola, East Timor and many other countries.

From “Pigs of War” by none other than Cindy Sheehan,

In Iraq, every citizen has been personally touched and the American occupation is a living, fire-breathing, palpable entity that has intruded its imperialistic self into every aspect of their daily lives.

….It is up to we the people to care more about humanity and democracy than either the reds or the blues and it is mandatory that we mount campaigns to defeat the pigs and their masters: the war machine.

What if instead of pigs of war in our government, we had elected officials who put humanity before politics and people before profits? Maybe the horrible twin tragedies of the Bush Regime and 9-11 would have never occurred within our borders and the rest of the world could look up to the USA with respect as a true leader in world peace instead of glaring at our shocking and awful quest for empire off the backs of the many who benefit the pocketbooks of the few? It’s not to late, but we are getting there.

Silence is betrayal and the silence of a host of blue pigs is the biggest betrayal of all.

From “Poor Rudy Giuliani” by Cliff Schecter,

Could this be why they are falsely calling us “conspiracy theorists,” when we have never once advocated that position re 9/11, but simply stated the obvious fact that Rudy Giuliani put his command center in the place MOST LIKELY TO BE ATTACKED because it suited him more personally?

And my personal favorite, from “A Regime Still Set On Remaking the World. . . and the Need To Drive It Out”, by Sunsara Taylor,

“The torture, the wars, the spying and theocratic measures and the toxic waves of bigotry–against Black people today, gays tomorrow, immigrants or women or dissenting professors the day after–isn’t “limping to the finish”…it is intensifying. The crimes committed in our name pile up each and every day.

…(Bush’s) “legacy” is not something for the history books, after we’re all dead. It’s about locking in and pushing further the horrific crimes that have become “the new normalcy” of this imperialist system. It’s about what we’re willing to–and going to be forced to– live with; and what we’re willing to see other people live–and die–with. And that’s what will happen if the tens of millions who hate this regime and what it’s been doing continue on the current passive–and, yes, complicit–course. George Bush aims to use his last 16 months in office to do everything he can to ensure the continued existence and dominance of this empire, on even more horrific terms and with exponentially greater ability to suffocate any fundamental resistance to it.

The Bush Regime must be driven out. For unless it is decisively repudiated by the people, in massive visible political opposition, the outrages of today will indeed become the norms of tomorrow, with terrible consequences.

…And there are people, increasing numbers of people, who want to hear about revolution –why it’s needed, what it’s all about, and whether it’s possible. And how does what we are doing today relate to that.

Three weeks ago in San Francisco, I watched the crowd at Rock the Bells go f*cking wild when performers from the stage called for resistance and sacrifice to stop this machine and its fascist drive. Screaming, jumping, fists in the air.

…World Can’t Wait–Drive Out the Bush Regime has called for an “Orange Uprising.” …It has to be a challenge to all those who do in fact already agree but are not yet resisting, giving them the heart and the courage to not only step out against the regime but to go up in the face of those who are still going along, and to insist that they not allow these crimes to be done in their names. A sea of orange, to revoke the legitimacy of anyone–from the Bush regime to the “opposition” party Democrats –who claim to be acting with a mandate from the people; a sea of orange to confer legitimacy on those determined to drive out this regime, and to encourage and galvanize the massive disgust and refusal to accept its crimes.

…This sea of orange must be coupled with, and reinforce, increasingly militant and growing outbreaks of real political resistance–actions of individuals or groupings that keep pace with and are on a scale commensurate with the horrors piling up. Some of that’s starting. But it’s not yet enough. We’ve got to stop waiting for a resistance to emerge, and go out and lead it. If we want to see a resistance movement, people need to start being one.

…The question of the imperialist character of the kind of system that gives rise to a Bush–and to political “opponents” who refuse to question his basic assumptions–would get posed in a different way, to millions. The question of what to do about it–of what kind of future people do need–including the possibility of revolution, would become a much more living thing.

Viva la Revolution!

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