Keith Olbermann Apparently Takes His Own “Worst Person In The World” Rhetoric Too Seriously

Raving moonbat Keith Olbermann went even further off the rails than normal talking about Fox in a Playboy interview,

“Al Qaeda really hurt us, but not as much as Rupert Murdoch has hurt us, particularly in the case of Fox News. Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda — worse for our society. It’s as dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan ever was.”

As an aside, the Ku Klux Klan reference is especially ironic given that they have essentially been an arm of the Democratic Party throughout most of their existence and that the only Klansman in Congress is Democratic Senator, Robert Byrd.

But, on to the main issue — Fox is worse than Al-Qaeda? This is not just deranged, it’s offensive. To compare your political enemies unfavorably to Al-Qaeda is just disgusting.

No, I don’t care much for Keith Olbermann, the New York Times, the Daily Kos, the Democratic Underground, or Michael Moore — but, they’re not worse than the people who murdered thousands of Americans on 9/11 and would kill millions more if they could.

The Left in general and Keith Olbermann in particular need to get a little more perspective on life instead of just spouting off in a rage without thinking.

PS: If you ask me, Fox News is the most “fair and balanced” of the cable networks and the Big 3 Networks. The only difference is that Fox leans to the right while all the other networks lean to the left.

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