Creepy Eyewear

This was so bizarre and creepy that it actually took my mind a few moments to comprehend exactly what I was looking at:

Yes, that’s a piercing!

“Artist James Sooy proudly displays his piercings and metal jewelry, from the two captive bead rings in his upper ears to the thick stainless steel rings on each of his fingers.

He’s hoping one of his piercings — a 1-inch bar through the bridge of his nose — will provide some income along with a distinct look.

Sooy plans to market piercing bar attachments designed to hold up eyeglasses, potentially freeing people from worrying about them falling off their noses. He doubts adhering lenses to a barbell between the eyes will become a huge trend, but he definitely sees a future in it.

“It’s something people find interesting enough to come and look at, but it’s only for a certain few,” said Sooy, 22.

Sooy and friend Oliver Gilson, a 27-year-old bartender, have been advertising their creation on a Web site and hope to patent the pierced glasses. They want to offer a model for $75 to $100 by June.”

Yes, it’s a “distinct look” all right. Instead of the glasses, why not just wear a sign around your neck that says: “Hello, I am a freaky weirdo.”

Then again, I’m probably not the best person to ask since these days piercings remind me of that movie “Strangeland.”

Here’s the really scary thing for you kids in college: when I was 18-19 years old, I had hair down to my chin and I used to wear 25-30 friendship bracelets on one arm. Now, that I’ve gotten older I don’t even like tattoos on women…of course, I didn’t think women looked good with tattoos back then either….hmmm, well, I was going to make a point about what happens when you get old, but it doesn’t really apply….still anybody with glasses shoved through the bridge of their nose looks like an oddball…

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