On The Issues

Unfortunately most pundits, myself included, tend to spend a lot more time pointing out what’s wrong with proposals made by our political opponents than explaining what they believe should be done. That’s why I wanted to take a moment to give a brief explanation of what I think should be done about some of the serious issues we face today:

ANWR: Drill, drill, drill!

Abortion: I’d like to see Roe V. Wade overturned. Then I’d like to see it kicked back to the states.

Buying Drugs From Canada: This is a political dodge. Canada has a tenth of our population and there’s no way on earth they’re going to be able to regularly supply us with enough drugs to make a difference. Even if they could it would be a form of price control that would cause the same sort of problems that price controls always do. I’m opposed.

Control Spending: Some form of Balanced Budget Amendment along with indexing the baseline budget to inflation would do the trick long-term.

Controlling Health Care Costs: Ease the burdensome rules and regs that add little to safety and increase costs. Use tort reforms to drive down the enormous insurance costs and extra expenses incurred by doctors practicing “defensive medicine.” Then we should promote medical saving accounts and work to keep illegal aliens, who are driving up costs in certain areas, out of the country.

Education: The key to improving education in this country is introducing competition into the system via vouchers. Give us a real voucher program and we can have the best school system in the Western world in 20 years.

Illegal Immigration: Dramatic increases in border security, heavy penalties up to jail time for businesses employing illegals, & a lifetime ban that prevents illegals from ever becoming American citizens. Put that into effect and you’ll see the numbers of illegals in the US rapidly and steadily decline.

Iran and Nukes: Use any means necessary to prevent them from getting nukes. That means bombing by our forces or Israeli forces if that’s what it takes — and that may be what it comes to when it gets right down to it.

Iraq: Keep permanent bases in the country, but allow the Iraqis to take over policing duties from our forces as soon as is practicable.

McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform: I’d like to see it repealed.

Minimum Wage Hikes: Forcing businesses to pay employees more than they’re worth leads to reduced competitiveness and lost jobs. I’m opposed to having any sort of minimum wage.

North Korea and Nukes: Use negotiation and if it becomes fruitless, ratchet it up to an embargo. Given the grinding poverty there and cooperation we have from the Nork’s neighbors, I doubt if violence will be necessary in this case.

Nuclear Option: There is no constitutional right to filibuster judges & the Democrats refuse to compromise. Pull the trigger.

Prescription Drug Benefit: I’d like to see it repealed.

Protection of Marriage: I support the Hatch Amendment: “An Amendment to the full faith and credit clause to insure that the legislators of each state, not the courts, would make the decision on gay marriage and that their rulings would not impact other states.”

Social Security: Optional private accounts up to 6%, Raise the age to 68 in 2025, index Social Security payments to prices, instead of wages. That would go a long way towards helping to fix the problems with the program.

Taxes: Ideally, I’d like to see us switch to a flat tax or a national sales tax. If that’s not politically possible, I’d settle for simplifying and flattening the tax code.

Term Limits: 4 terms for Congressmen & 2 terms for Senators.

The United Nations: I’m in favor of building a competing organization filled with likeminded Democracies. Then we’ll eventually do everything that matters there and treat the UN as a toothless debating society.

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