Criticizing Us Is McCarthyesque! Oh Please…

Tom Daschle uttered this boneheaded quote today…

“Any time somebody speaks out criticizing this administration or its policies, there is this orchestrated concerted effort to attack those who criticize. Criticizing those who are vocal in their personal criticism, their approach, their concerns, is McCarthyesque.”

So apparently, if Democrats attack Bush or his policies, that’s freedom of speech, that’s their right to dissent, that’s the First Amendment in action. But if someone points out that their criticism of the Bush administration is uncivil, untrue, or invalid, hold on to your blacklists, it’s McCarthyism. Welcome to Tom Daschle’s world where only Democrats can have valid opinions and “mean” Republicans are by definition persecuting Dems by disagreeing.

Think that’s a bit too harsh of a reading of what Daschle had to say? Then why do we keep hearing this arrogant & elitist, “We can say whatever we want about you, but you’re not supposed to be able to respond to us” theme over & over & over from people on the left?

Daschle should reread the First Amendment. I think that he’ll find that that it doesn’t include any special provisions that protect Democrats, anti-war protestors, Hollywood celebrities, or congressmen who are easily “saddened” or “disappointed” from criticism. If that’s too tough for Daschle to take, maybe he’s not cut out for the rough and tumble world of politics.

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