Top 10 Wesley Clark Campaign Slogans By Frank J.

10. I’m a general and a Democrat… isn’t that wacky!

9. My day-to-day views on the war on Iraq are like a box of chocolates – you’ll never know what you’re going to get.

8. You don’t know me, but I don’t know you, so we’re even.

7. Pay no attention to the Clintons behind the curtain.

6. I admit it; Arnold Schwarzenegger bribed me to run to make him look decisive on issues.

5. I helped fight in Kosovo. Yeah, Kosovo. Oh, come on! You remember that conflict. It wasn’t that long ago.

4. Support me because I would have voted “Nes” on Iraq.

3. I nearly started World War III. What other candidate has that much pull?

2. My stance on that very important issue is… Hey! Look! I can do a handstand!

And the number one Wesley Clark campaign slogan…

1) Because I’m not one of those nine other guys.

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