The Main Thing Is That The B*tvh Is Dead, It Calls For Celebration

It has been a long time since I’ve done an ACPOTI (anyone can post on the internet) article, but I was in the mood to see what the Nazis were up to. Could they be writing the networks and trying to get Hogan’s Heroes back on the air, but with meaner Nazis this time? Maybe they were setting up a fan club for the only big name political pundit that they love — Pat Buchanan (And yes, I often find posts singing the praises of Buchanan on Nazi boards). Heck, who knows, maybe they even gave up Nazism and are all now doing free work for the ADL.

But of course, I had no such luck. The Nazis at the Resistance Records — The Soundtrack For White Revolution message board were the same malicious haters that they were last time I looked in on them. Just take a look and you’ll see why they deserved to have their comments featured in another scintillating edition of ACPOTI…. (Cont)

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