Cultural Changes In Iraq

The New York Times couldn’t find one woman who was happy with how things are changing in Iraq? Not. One.

However, people are staying connected. This was interesting:

It’s a funny thing. There is the deterioration of Iraq’s infrastructure — scarring of buildings by bullets holes, streets deformed by concrete blocks, checkpoints. But you can go inside a humble Iraqi house and you will see laptops, desktops, up-to-date technology costing hundred of dollars or even thousands.

Sometimes I tell myself Macintosh, Microsoft, and Dell should consider Iraq as a promising markets, although it exists in such a weird condition. Except for the PC, everything seems similar to the stone age, especially the absence of electricity.

Here’s the the thing: Infrastructure can be rebuilt. Security will slowly be restored. Minds, however, take time to change. The connection to the outside world–to new ideas and to different cultures, will expand the world of the Iraqis. It is already expanding their world. The youngsters are thoroughly modern.

The biggest prison can be the mind. Iraqi society is becoming open, even if the doors to their homes are locked shut.

Cross-posted at Dr. Melissa Clouthier.

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