Cybercast News Service: Right Wing News Pummels The Wimpy DC Republicans

Today, Cybercast News Service featured a good sized excerpt from a post that I did on the wimpiness of the GOP in Washington,

“When John Hawkins wrote on his blog that the Bush administration “has shown themselves to be utterly and completely politically incompetent,” it was not another instance of a left-wing blogger attacking the president.

Hawkins’ popular blog is, in fact, called, and the sentiment expressed evidently reflects the views of some conservatives and political analysts in the months since the Democrats took control of Congress.

“There are undoubtedly mayors of two-stoplight towns out there that could run circles around the whole Bush administration politically,” he writes.

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Some conservatives and analysts contend that the party once considered masters of political strategy ready to take the fight to the Democrats – leading to major electoral successes in 2002 and 2004 – have been on the defensive much of this year.

“They can’t make a case for the things they support, they can’t adequately defend themselves, they have no idea how to use the bully pulpit or how to attack their political enemies, and they have foolishly allowed a gap to develop between the administration and the base,” Hawkins wrote in his blog.

…The Republican National Committee disputed charges that the party has shied away from a fight since becoming a minority in Congress.

“We’ve been on the offense, and the Democrats keep giving us more material,” RNC spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt told Cybercast News Service.

She said the RNC is making sure the public knows that Democrats are “more interested in investigations than legislation and want to use national security as a partisan football.”

She noted that the party had bought ads in Nevada critical of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s comment that America has “lost” the war in Iraq.

“It’s a difficult climate and a challenging news cycle for Republicans, but we remain aggressive,” Schmitt said.”

Of course, the GOP has shied away from a fight.

Where were the calls for Harry Reid to resign after he demoralized our troops and helped the morale of Al-Qaeda by calling the war in Iraq “lost,” even as our troops were still in the field fighting for freedom? William Jefferson, who took bribes, still has a committee assignment. The Democrats have broken their promises they made before the elections, have tried to sabotage the war for political gain, and doled out the pork like crazy. But, where are the Republicans? Oh, well, they sent out a couple of press releases and a few members here and there complained. That’s just not good enough.

The Democrats are trying to utterly destroy the Republican party and the Washington GOP comes across like they’re worried they might hurt the Dems’ feelings if they’re not polite to them. That’s why Democrats usually get away Scot free with gaffes and mistakes that would normally be career enders for Republicans — because the GOP gives them a pass. Sooner or later, they need to figure out that the Democrats aren’t paying any sort of price for being nasty and that they’re not going to pay back any favors that the GOP does for them.

Conservatives are sick and tired of the mush we’re being served by the GOP wimps in DC. That’s why it’s long past time for the DC Reps to to start standing up for themselves, their President, and their country.

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