Excerpt Of The Day: The Wolfowitz Frame-Up At The World Bank

Paul Wolfowitz has been under fire at the World Bank, supposedly because he gave special perks to a girlfriend, but actually because he’s a Republican ally of George Bush. Via The Corner, Charles Krauthammer and Mort Kondracke have a short but sweet wrap up of the controversy,

–On Paul Wolfowitz and the World Bank–

MORT KONDRACKE: He arrives in 2005 and he realizes that there’s a conflict of interest problem because one of the bank employees is his girlfriend, so he goes to the ethics committee of the World Bank and says I want to recuse myself from everything to do with her. . . . [H]e signed off on this agreement whereby her pay, she went to the State Department, her pay was raised by $60,000, and the ethics committee signed off on this twice. Not once, but twice. And now it’s all coming back and even the chairman . . . of the ethics committee who signed off on this who is one of his major accusers….

KRAUTHAMMER: It’ll depend on the bank, on the board, the hanging jury that’s in place. And it is about politics. It’s a frame-up of a first order. And the reasons are myriad. The first is that Paul Wolfowitz is an idealist. And as head of the World Bank he wants to actually help poor people.

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And one of the reasons that money of those loans aren’t helping the poor, is because the money gets ripped off on the way to the poor. So, he instituted a big anti-corruption campaign and there’s a lot of resistance in the bureaucracy of the World Bank because they get judged in how much money is pushed out the door, not on how many of the poor are helped. . . .

HUME: Will he survive this?

KRAUTHAMMER: I’m not sure. It’s such a corrupt institution he may not.

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