Daily News For April 13, 2006


Iran Could Produce Nuclear Bomb In 16 Days, U.S. Says

The Washington Post Runs A Deceptive And Dishonest Report About The Evaluation Of The Iraqi Trailers That Had Been Identified As Biological Weapons Labs Prior To The Invasion In March 2003

White House Seeks Apology From Washington Post

Rove Says Iran Leader Not Rational

Rice Calls for ‘Strong Steps’ Against Iran

Muslim says Muslims to blame for “Islamophobia”


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Were Ordered Not To Arrest Any Illegal Aliens Attending Rallies

Protests Backfire! Zogby Poll: National Demonstrations By Illegal Aliens Have Negative Impact

Guest-Worker Hopes Spark Rush To Border

Idaho Store Fires People Who Attend Pro-Illegals Protest

Legal Analysis Of The Duke Lacrosse Team Case From A Prosecutor


Walter Williams: Immigration Vs. Gate-Crashing

Ann Coulter: Brown Is The New Black

GM Roper: Dear Republicans, You Need My Vote

Richard Lindzen: Global-Warming Alarmists Intimidate Dissenting Scientists Into Silence

John Stossel: Exaggerating Dire ‘Scientific’ Warnings

Hugh Hewitt: The Arguments Against Striking Iran

Jack Kelly: Media Selectively Recycles Old News

W. Thomas Smith: Dispelling Myths About American Soldiers

Antonin Scalia: Don’t Impose Foreign Law On Americans

Arthur Brooks: Right-Wing Heart, Left-Wing Heart


Freaks! Trio of Men Castrate Willing Men, Then Post The Video On Internet

Website Of The Day: Seixon

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