Excerpt Of The Day: Boortz On The Pro-Illegal Immigration Rallies

“Today these people will be marching to tell us “Your laws mean nothing to us. We have numbers. Our numbers trump your laws.” We don’t care about your rule of law. We care about working in your plants, your restaurants, your offices, your fields and on your construction projects so that we can send money back home to our families in Mexico. As soon as we can, we’ll bring those families up here, regardless of what your laws say.”

What is fueling these protests? One thing: A fear that the laws of this country might actually be enforced. A fear that people might actually be prevented from crossing our borders illegally, and a fear that those who break the law every single day of their lives by just being here might actually have to face the consequences for their illegal actions.

They say that they are not criminals. Sorry, if they’re here illegally, they are criminals. They broke the law — they’re criminals. They say they just want to follow the American dream. Fine. There’s a way to do that. First, obey the law.” — Neal Boortz

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