Daily News For April 19, 2006


George Bush: “I’m The Decider, And I Decide What Is Best. And What’s Best Is For Don Rumsfeld To Remain As The Secretary Of Defense.”

Rumsfeld Says No One Is Indispensable But He Is Not Considering Quitting In The Face Of Criticism From A Handful Of Retired Generals

Graphic: How Many Generals Oppose Rumsfeld?

Democratic Governor In Arizona Vetoes Criminal Immigrant Bill

Marching Illegal Aliens Hurl Rocks And Eggs At The Home Of Elderly American Couple

Eyewitness News Looks At Party Photos Of The Controversial Duke Lacrosse Party

Bush Picks Portman As Budget Director (Free Wapo Reg Req)

Northern Kentucky U. Professor Put On Leave In Wake Of Anti-Abortion Display’s Dismantling (Applause)

McKinney Report Cites Assault With ‘Closed Fist’

Black Business Owners On Rise

Congress: No Israeli Bullets

Bush Death Threat Tied To PU Student


Bush: ‘All Options On The Table’ With Iran

Islamic Jihad Claims They Have 70 More Terrorist Attacks Planned Against Israel (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Alarm Over Rise In Venezuelan Drugs Traffic


Senator Jeff Sessions: The Senate Immigration “Compromise” Won’t Do

Amir Taheri: Dithering Won’t Stop Iran’s Nukes

David Boaz: Stalin’s Songbird. The New Yorker Didn’t Quite Find Room To Detail Seeger’s Long Habit Of Following The Stalinist Line

John Stossel: That Post-Tax Day Headache Will Be Significantly Stronger After Reading This


Cruise, Holmes Have Baby Girl Named Suri (No Word On Whether Cruise Ate The Placenta)

LA Woman Hospitalized With Bubonic Plague

Quarter Art

Humor: The Moonbats Are on the Edge of the Cliff, So Let’s Give Them a Little Push

Website Of The Day: Alarming News

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