Why Can’t The Left Just Admit That They’d Rather Let Iran Have Nukes Than Bomb To Stop It?

It’s because they’re so handcuffed by all the silly, unspoken rules that they apply to foreign policy…

(A few examples out of many)

— Being liked by other countries is more important than defending American lives.
— If Europe doesn’t approve, we shouldn’t move.
— We shouldn’t use our military unless it doesn’t benefit us.

…that they are simply incapable of dealing with tough foreign policy decisions.

But, because liberals lack the courage of their convictions and because the American people — with good reason — think the Democrats are too weak to handle our national security, libs always try to obfuscate their real positions on foreign policy.

Come on, you lefties, for once, just be honest with yourself and with the American people and admit that you would rather let Iran have nukes than bomb them. Don’t dance around it, don’t come up with excuses not to answer, just admit the truth. You think it’s better for the world’s foremost terrorist state — a nation ruled by Islamo-fascists, who chant, “Death to America,” — to have nukes than the US, or Israel for that matter, to bomb them.

Just admit it…

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