Daily News For April 5, 2006


Democrats Seek Vote On Immigration Bill

Republican Senators Work On A Compromise Immigration Proposal (They’re Still Discussing A Nightmare Proposal That Would Be Bad For America)

Union Leaders Boo McCain On Immigration

Boycott Set To Support Illegals

Patriotic Clothes Banned At Colorado High School Out Of Fear Of Offending Illegal Immigration Supporters

High school student: Ban MEChA (Applause)

Nancy Pelosi And Cynthia McKinney No Longer Speak Or Even Exchange Greetings In The Hallways

A Deputy Press Secretary With The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security Was Arrested Tuesday Night And Charged With Trying To “Seduce” A 14-Year-Old

Katie Couric To Anchor CBS Evening News

Did Al Franken Plagiarize A Liberal Group’s Writings?

The Senate Will Be Voting On An Illegal Immigration Bill Soon. Call Your Senator Today And Tell Them You Oppose Allowing Illegal Aliens To Stay In The US


French Premier Refuses To Bow To Protests By Angry Youths (Free NYT Reg Req)

Colombian Politician Has Love Child With Her Guerrilla Captor

Some Muslims Urge End To Boycott Of Some Danish Products


Answering Gillespie On Illegal Immigration

Kathleen Parker: English Spoken Here

Byron York: Why DeLay Quit

Michelle Malkin: The Party Of Police Haters

Jonah Goldberg: Bar The Door – It’s Katie

John McCain: Bloom Is Off the Media’s Maverick

Dennis Prager: Who Hates The Other More – Liberals Or Conservatives?


Webcast Singer Snapped Up By Sony

Adventurers Detained In Russia After Walking From The US To Russia

Craigslist.org Ads Ask For Sex In Lieu Of Rent

Top 10 Greatest Impostors in History

Website Of The Day: Rick Santorum’s Blog

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