RWN Vs. The Democratic Party On Illegal Immigration: Part 1

Yesterday, not only did I make Rush’s blog, a quote from an old Tom Tancredo interview that I did actually made it onto the blog of The Democratic Party.

Here’s the quote:

Contrast that with Tom Tancredo, one of the Republican Party’s foremost voices on the issue of immigration.

We will never be able to win in the clash of civilizations, if we don’t know who we are. If Western civilization succumbs to the siren song of multiculturalism, I believe we’re finished.

A portrait of intolerance.

They consider THAT to be intolerant? Opposition to a philosophy that says to people — don’t come to America and assimilate? Keep your own culture, keep your own language, because they’re just as good, if not better than what America has to offer?

Isn’t multiculturalism a big part of the reason why we’ve had illegal aliens in the streets, yelling out slogans in Spanish, waving the Mexican flag, and claiming that the Southwestern United States belongs to Mexico?

Isn’t multiculturalism a big part of the reason why we have millions of people living and working in this country long-term who can barely speak English and whose first loyalty is to nations other than our own?

What’s wrong with wanting to have immigrants coming into this country who think this is a land of opportunity and want to assimilate? What’s wrong with having people come into this country who want to be AMERICANS instead of having people here who think of themselves as Mexicans living in America or Venezuelans living in America or Canadians living in America?

This is the greatest nation in the world and a country a man is lucky to be born in. But, if you’re an immigrant who’s allowed to become a citizen, you’ve really hit the jackpot. That’s because, yesterday, you were a stranger in a strange land, but the moment you become a citizen, it ceases to matter whether you just got here yesterday or whether your ancestors arrived 200 years ago. An American is an American is an American. But, illegal aliens? They’re uninvited foreigners who have entered our country without permission and we owe them nothing.

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