RWN Vs. The Democratic Party On Illegal Immigration: Part 2

In the last post, I pointed out that RWN had been mentioned on the Democratic Party’s weblog. Well, I took a look through the comments section over there and it just reinforced something that people who have been paying attention to the illegal immigration debate already knew: a lot of libs are not drinking the Kool-Aid on this issue and they’re being very vocal about it — which is fascinating, because it so seldom happens when the Dems are taking what is considered to be a left-of-center line.

Here’s one post that really caught my eye. Even though I don’t agree with some of the things the guy says, he does make some good points about illegal immigration. That’s why, despite the fact that this is a long comment, I thought it deserved to be posted in it’s entirety:

“I am appalled and amazed at how it seems the Black community is simply pushed aside in so many areas of decisions being made in the U.S. today. I am particulary amazed at how the party that is supposed to be for us is doing little to absolutely nothing to address the needs of African Americans and blue collar whites. But in this case I am speaking more specifically for African Americans. It seems that you are all dancing around not the May, but the “Political Poll.” It is almost like you are blind to what is actually going on around you and what the true feelings are about illegal immigration. Where all of these conflicting polls are coming from, I can’t even imagine. Do you really think you are expressing the true feelings of born in the USA; here through generations; LEGAL; tax paying (when not even getting a fare shake educationally, economically or socially) African Americans. Or is it just that you are pushing us to the side and think that you already have our vote in a nutshell.

It is constantly stated that the illegal (undocumented is double speak) immigrants are only taking jobs that Americans do not want. How crazy! You mean to tell me that suddenly all of the Blacks working in parking lots, doing construction, working as waiters, bus boys and short order cooks, landscapers, cement layers suddenly looked up one day and said oh the illegals are here we don’t need these jobs any more, we’d rather be unemployed and homeless or on the edge of it. We are not ignorant. We are aware that they are taking jobs at a lower rate of pay, and therefore bringing down (or at least stifiling)the rates of pay for others. But, there was just a report out on the conditions of Black men in America. Their rates of unemployment run into the 50 percents and then some. How is this okay? And housing. Yes, we are aware (because they came into our neighborhoods first) that they can live together in large groups and pool their money to pay rents. It would have been impossible for African Americans to do that. In a private home yes, but in apartments, no. You had a lease, when the lease expired you renewed your lease or you moved. There were stringent rules on how many people could abode in a resident. There are so many rules that have been put aside for them that it is both ridiculous and insulting.

All Blacks get after years of Slavery, Jim Crowe, last hired-first fired, redlining, bad press, unjust prison sentences, bad schools and overpriced bad housing is ignored, undermined, and practically told to be patient, yet again. It is insulting considering all of the above(and then some)for you to turn a blind eye and ear and assume that it is no problem to watch our tax dollars go to house; feed; hospitalize; give special programs to people who are here illegally. We see that they take summer jobs and after school jobs from our children; take lower paying jobs (from people who usually worked two or more of those jobs to support their families [yet suddenly “hard working” seems to only be used in print lately to describe the illegal immigrants]). Add to that the fact that a lot of these same people are predjudiced and arrogant toward Blacks.

Come on we are not even quite 40 years into voter rights for African Americans and yet, you expect us to be pleased and accept with open arems a new people who are getting away with all sort of crime (false papers; false and fraudulent identification; fradulent use of social security numbers, be they made up or stolen) and violence; who evade rules right and left (putting up food stands where they well feel like it. Food licenses anyone?); evade taxes; and ARE HERE ILLEGALLY.

Does the Democratic party even pay attention or ever listen to African American radio or read African American newspapers or look at their opinion polls. You will find that, no, overall we are certainly not please with the route politicians seem to be taking to give amnesty to the illegal immigrants that are already here and to have a guest worker program. We are not pleased with the affirmative action that we fought and marched for with our blood, sweat and tears, be given on a silver platter to aliens, yet our civil rights have been constantly being stepped on and down played. We are treated wosre than step children, yet this country was built on our backs.

It is shameful. My sign is name is such because, my, my, my how soon you all seem to forget. But we (except for maybe Clarence Thomas types out there) remember.

You Democrats need to get up with the pulse of the African American community. I have always voted Democrat, but my mind is changing very fast. I never thought I would consider voting Republican, but I am seeing a dull dividing line between the parties. This is either because the Democrats have become a really chicken party or their ideals have just changed. Some of the very Republican politicians you call to the carpet for their opinions against okaying illegal immigration are beginning to look worth studying. Maybe a candidate from a third party would be an even better consideration. (Can’t seem to be able to do much worse.

I am only expressing here the feelings on immigration, but there are many, many other scathingly oppressive events that have occured toward African Americans that are not being addressed. Dr. King and other civil right leaders that have passed must be turning flips in their graves.

For Shame!” — Slavesworkedforfree

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