Daily News for August 11, 2006


British Police Arrested 24 People In Overnight Raids And Said On Thursday They Had Foiled A Plot To Commit “Mass Murder” By Blowing Up Several Aircraft Flying Over The Atlantic Ocean To The United States

U.S. Says Terrorists Planned Dry Run Within Two Days

U.S. Picked Up The Suspects’ Chatter And Shared It With British Authorities; New Federal Alert Warns That Peroxide-Based Explosives Could Also Be Employed In Future Attacks In The U.S.

Terror Suspect Waheed Zaman Met Controversial MP George Galloway Many Times, His Sister Said

Israel Warplanes Pound Hezbollah Targets

Bush: U.S. ‘At War With Islamic Fascists’

U.S. Issues Terror Warning In New Delhi

Some Shiites Press For A Constitutional Partition Of Iraq (Free La Times Reg Req)

Seoul Seeks Wartime Control Over Its Army From U.S.


Officials Probe Lieberman Web Site Crash

Investigators: Pair With Passenger Info, Phones Linked To Terror

US Army Reaches Recruiting Goal For 14th Straight Month


Charles Krauthammer: Democrats as Myopic Doves, Again

The WSJ: A Terror Plot Is Exposed By The Policies Many American Liberals Oppose

Ed Koch: Bush’s Fortitude On The Middle East

Newt Gingrich: The Only Option Is to Win (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Peter Schweizer: Gore Isn’t Quite As Green As He’s Led The World To Believe


The Owner Of A New American Basketball Association Team Has Stirred Up A Storm In Quebec But Is Sticking To His Decision To Use A Cartoon Frog In The Team’s Logo

10 Grossest Candies

Website Of The Day: Boker Tov, Boulder!

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